Digital Wonderland  [2018]

7" x 11"
209 pages

special thanks to
Cheri Gray
Ashley Kang

Digital Wonderland is the culmination of TeamLab's exploratory endeavors, through which they aim to redefine certain relationships. Redefining the boundary between humans and nature, between artwork and viewer, and even between different artworks. This exhibition features pieces from five of the company’s overarching concepts of Spatial Calligraphy, Transcending Boundaries, Body Immersive, and Ultrasubjective Space. They take inspiration from traditional Japanese culture and reimagine it through a modern lens. This exhibition reflects the core of TeamLab's work—breaking boundaries.
   The use of typography and design conveys this idea conceptually. The overlapping of type and image shows the convergence of tradition and new. The use of vellum communicates the installations into a print-based idea and reflects overlapping of techonolgoies and ideas.

SF    ︎︎︎     LA